507 Kubb is hosting the 8th Annual Kubbing to Kick Cancer Tournament.  All proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Join us for a day of family friendly competition with the goal of raising money to kick cancer.

Teams of 2-6 players.  Max of 48 teams.  U.S. National Rules using Des Monies Kubb Tournament Format by way of the Tournament Director Management software provide by Keystone Kubb . To be played on Saturday, June 12, 2021. Tournament pitches will be set up at the youth football field at Veterans Memorial Park in Kasson.  It’s to the north of the Kasson Aquatic Center. This is a rain or shine tournament.*

Registration – available April 12, 2021 at Noon CDT.

New for 2021, no registration fee. Free-will donations for the American Cancer Society will be collected during team check-in on the day of the tournament.  The suggested donation is $40.00.  Questions may be directed to Jason or Dee Dee Halvorson at kubbingtokickcancer@gmail.com

Follow us on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/KubbingToKickCancer/



  • 8-8:30 a.m. – Check-in
  • 9:00 a.m.. – First round begins!
  • Noon – ½ hour lunch break

Tournament Specifications

  • Teams will consist of 2-6 players.
  • No player may throw more than 3 batons in a team’s turn.
  • All games follow the 2-4-6 Baton Opener format**
  • First (number to be determined) games will be a single match
  • 25 minutes per match with 5 minute break between matches.
  • U. S. National Championship rules. Please review the rules here – http://www.usakubb.org/rules.php
  • DMK Tournament Format will be used and tracked using Tournament Director Management software by Keystone Kubb.

Time Limits 25 minute time limit will be used for all matches. (Guaranteed xnumber single game matches.)


Championship Bracket: Top 8 teams will advance to the Championship Bracket. Trophies will be given for top three teams. These will be best two out of three matches

Consolation Bracket: Next 8 teams will advance to the Consolation Bracket. Awards will be given for top three teams in that bracket.  These will be best two out of three matches.

Silent Auction

We will hold a silent auction the day of the event. We will be using Facebook to preview items, however bidding will be done in personal the day of the tournament.

*Rain Rule

The kubb tournament will run even if it’s raining.  However, if there is ground lightening sighted, all players will be asked to leave the pitches and take cover.  Play will resume when 30 minutes have passed with no lightening sightings.  (Maximum delay of 1 hour before tournament is called off.)

**2-4-6 Baton Opener

Winner of the king toss pick either picks which team throws first or they pick which side of pitch they want to throw from.

If the winner of the king toss elects to throw first, the loser of the king toss picks their side.  The winner of the king toss will begin the match by throwing two batons, the other team will throw four.  The remainder of the game, six batons will be thrown by each team.

If the winner of the king toss elected to pick a side, then loser of the king toss can choose either to throw the first two batons or instruct the other team to throw the first two batons.  Once the opening team throws two batons, the other team will throw four batons.  The remainder of the game, six batons will be thrown by each team.

If your team is throwing either two or four, it’s your option to select which ones out of the six you want to throw.

No person is allowed to throw more than three batons in a baton throwing round.  The 2-4-6 opener normally has additional requirements.  Since this is a two person per team minimum, we won’t require that two different players throw the opening two nor that three different players are required to toss during the four baton round.

For the 2nd game of the match, do not complete a king toss, simply switch sides and switch whom opened in the first game.

If there is a 3rd game, do another king toss to see who is closest to the king.  The winner of the king toss decides which

The goal of the 2-4-6 baton opener is lessen the chance of quick defeat and to extend game play.